Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision


Deliver digital video solutions to everyone

Our Mission

  • - Be the leader and technology innovator in the markets we serve by
  • - Rapidly developing new technologies and products
  • - Expanding into new markets
  • - Partnering with industry leaders and manufacturers
  • - Providing high quality products

Our Values

Integrity & Honesty
  • - We are always honest and legal in all our business actions
  • - Our actions are consistent with words
  • - We practice ethical business practices all the time, everywhere
Result Oriented
  • - We set achievable objectives and measure performance against them
  • - We assume responsibility for problems and for our own actions
  • - We deliver quality results on time


  • - We openly communicate and work together to achieve common goals
  • - We respect and help each others
  • - We emphasize training for new employees and welcome them to our family
  • - We encourage and practice creative thinking
  • - We encourage informed risk taking
  • - We learn from our successes and from our mistakes
  • - We embrace change that benefits Chrontel


  • - We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence
  • - We do the right things right
  • - We continuously develop and improve
  • - We take pride in our work
  • - We embrace change that benefits Chrontel
  • - We always pay attention to details
  • - We continuously improve our work and our performance
  • - We relentlessly focus on meeting commitments

Customer Satisfaction

  • - We listen to and understand what they want
  • - We are responsive and easy to work with
  • - We strive to meet their requirements