CH7026  -  SDTV / HDTV / VGA Encoder

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  • TV encoder targets for handheld device, surveillance camera and automobile market.

  • Supports multiple output formats such as analog TV (NTSC and PAL), VGA and HDTV ( 480p,576p,720p, 1080i). Sync signals can be provided in separated or composite manner.

  • Three on-chip 10-bit high speed DACs providing flexible output capabilities such as single, double or triple CVBS output, YPbPr output, RGB output and simultaneous CVBS and S-video output.

  • 90/180/270 degree image rotation and vertical or horizontal flip.

  • 16-Mbit SDRAM is used as a frame buffer for frame rate conversion.

  • Flexible up and down scaling.

  • Programmable 24-bit/18-bit/16-bit/15-bit/12-bit/8-bit digital input interface supports various RGB (RGB888, RGB666, RGB565 and etc), YCbCr (4:4:4 YcbCr, ITU656) and 2x or 3x multiplexed input. CPU interface is also supported.

  • Supports flexible input resolution up to 800x800 and 1024x680.

  • Pixel by pixel brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustment for each output is supported. (For RGB output, only brightness and contrast adjustment is supported).

  • Pixel by pixel horizontal position adjustment and line by line vertical position adjustment.

  • Supports CGMS-A for analog TV and HDTV

  • TV/Monitor connection detection capability. DAC can be switched off based on detection result.

  • Programmable power management.

  • Flexible pixel clock frequency from graphics controller is supported. (2.3MHz –120MHz)

  • Flexible input clock from crystal or oscillator is supported. (2.3MHz – 64MHz)

  • Supports slave input clock mode only.

  • Fully programmable through serial port.

  • IO and SPC/SPD voltage supported is from 1.2V to 3.3V.

  • Offered in 80-pin LQFP and 80-pin BGA Package