CH7101B  -  HDMI to VGA Converter

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  • HDMI Receiver compliant with HDMI 1.4 specification

  • Analog RGB output for VGA with Triple 9-bit DAC up to 200MHz pixel rate. Sync signals can be provided in separated or composite manner. Support VESA and CEA timing standards up to WUXGA 1920x1200@60Hz with reduced blanking and 1920x1080@60Hz

  • On-chip Audio encoder which support 2 channel IIS/S/PDIF audio output

  • VGA output is compliant with VESA VSIS v1r2 specification

  • MCCS bypass support

  • MCU embedded to handle the control logic

  • Support device boot up by automatically loading firmware from on-chip flash

  • Integrated EDID Buffer

  • Crystal Free architecture

  • VGA connection detection supported

  • HDMI input detection supported

  • Support Auto Power Saving mode and low stand-by current

  • Support YCC to RGB conversion in ITU-R BT.601 and 709 color space

  • IIC slave interface and HDMI DDC interface are available for debug and firmware update.

  • Low power architecture

  • RoHS compliant and Halogen free package

  • Offered in 40-Pin QFN package (5 x 5 mm)