CH7511B  -  2 Lane eDP to LVDS Converter

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  • Supports Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Specification version 1.2.

  • Support 2 Main Link Lanes at either 1.62Gb/s or 2.7Gb/s link rate for notebook PC applications

  • Supports input color depth 6, 8-bit per pixel in RGB format

  • Supports Enhanced Framing Mode

  • Support VESA and CEA timing standards up to 1920x1200 resolution in 8-bit input with 60Hz refresh rate

  • Support dynamic refresh rate switching

  • Support Gamma correction

  • Panel tuning methods including dithering and 6-bit + FRC

  • Fast and full Link Training for embedded DisplayPort system

  • Support eDP Authentication: Alternative Scramble Seed Reset and Alternative Framing

  • 2 work modes: connect 27MHz crystal, inject 27MHz clock

  • Programmable LCD panel power sequence

  • Support 18-bit Single Port, 18-bit Dual Port , 24-bit Single Port and 24-bit Dual Port LVDS output interface

  • Support both OpenLDI and SPWG bit mapping for LVDS application

  • Support panel select by GPIO pins control or writing the chip registers.

  • Flexible LVDS output pins swapping

  • Blank panel during invalid input

  • Supports PWM. Backlight luminance level control through AUX channel, PWM pin and BLUP/BLDN pin Support Dynamic Backlight Control

  • Support OSD display when BLUP/BLDN pins control Backlight Luminance

  • Hot Plug Detection

  • Loads Boot ROM automatically upon power up

  • Serial BOOT ROM data updated through I2C bus or AUX Channel

  • Programmable power management

  • EMI reduction capability for eDP input and LVDS output. Spread spectrum control is available for transmitting LVDS signal

  • Offered in a 68-pin QFN package