CH7036  -  LVDS to HDMI / VGA / LVDS Converter

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  • Single channel 18-bit/24-bit LVDS receiver and transmitter support display resolution up to 1366x768

  • HDMI Transmitter are compliant with HDMI 1.4 specification and DVI 1.0 specification

  • HDMI Tx supports up to 1920x1080@60Hz

  • Supports VGA display up to 1080p

  • DDC master for reading EDID

  • Supports Hot Plug Detection (HPD) for HDMI/DVI

  • Optional HDCP specification version 1.4 function

  • Three 10-bit high speed DACs

  • DACs can be switched off through programming internal registers. A separated composite sync is supported

  • Monitor connection detection capability. Connection status can be retrieved through device's internal registers

  • Pixel-level color enhancement for brightness and contrast (analog RGB only)

  • SPDIF audio interface supports up to 20-bit data stream 192kHz/2ch

  • Supports I2S digital audio input up to 24-bit data stream (32kHz/2ch, 44.1kHz/2ch, 48kHz/2ch, 88.2kHz/2ch, 96kHz/2ch, 176.4kHz/2ch and 192kHz/2ch)

  • On-chip frame buffer allows flexible input LVDS video timing.

  • Capable of converting input video frame rate to satisfy external displays’ refresh rate requirements

  • Advanced scaling engine to upsize/downsize display resolution for HDMI, DVI and analog RGB outputs

  • Programmable adaptive de-flickering filter

  • Image display rotation supports for HDMI/DVI and analog RGB outputs. The screen display can be rotated 90/180/270 degree or flipped either horizontally or vertically

  • Horizontal/vertical position shifting for the VGA display is programmable

  • Flexible crystal or oscillator clock input frequency for analog RGB output (2.3MHz – 64MHz). 27 MHz external crystal is recommended for HDMI output.

  • IO and SPC/SPD supply voltages from 1.8V to 3.3V

  • Programmable power management

  • The device is fully programmable through serial port or can automatically load firmware from Chrontel Boot ROM (CH9904)

  • Offered in 88-pin QFN package