CH8009  -  CMMB Demodulator and AV Decoder

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  • Fully compliant with 8MHz mode in CMMB standard: GY/T 220.1,GY/T 220.2

  • Zero-IF or Low-IF inputs, dual ADC interface

  • Support BT656-alike parallel video output

  • Support Pure TS or mfs output through SPI interface

  • On-chip de-multiplex and frame filtering

  • Built-in Descramble (AES-128-CTR) and interface with CA (Conditional Access) chip

  • H.264 baseline decoding and AAC decoding

  • Support I2S output

  • Firmware loading from serial Flash or from Application Processor through SPI slave interface

  • I2C master to control tuner

  • I2C slave for optional configuration

  • 26MHz or 20MHz crystal

  • Offered in a QFN88 package