CH7010  -  TV Encoder / DVI Transmitter

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  • DVI Transmitter up to 165M pixels/second

  • DVI low jitter PLL

  • DVI hot plug detection

  • TV output supporting graphics resolutions up to 1024x768 pixels

  • Programmable digital interface supports RGB and YCrCb

  • True scale rendering engine supports underscan in all TV output resolutions

  • Enhanced text sharpness and adaptive flicker removal with up to 7 lines of filtering

  • Support for all NTSC and PAL formats

  • Provides CVBS, S-Video and SCART (RGB) outputs

  • TV connection detect

  • Programmable power management

  • 10-bit video DAC outputs

  • Fully programmable through serial port

  • Complete Windows and DOS driver support

  • Low voltage interface support to graphics device

  • Offered in a 64-pin LQFP package