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  • Supports High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) version 1.1 and 1.2

  • High-speed SDVO* (1G~2Gbps) AC-coupled serial differential inputs

  • Supports Intel® High Definition Audio (HD Audio) version 1.0

  • Supports S/PDIF sampling rate up to 192 kHz

  • Supports switched DVI/HDMI encoding two outputs port A and B one at the time

  • Provides High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) version 1.1 over HDMI

  • Support HDMI repeater, a maximum depth of two with maximum number of two leaves (non-repeating receivers)

  • Supports HDMI video formats (480i/576i/240p/480p/288p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p) specified in EIA/CEA-861C, DVI and VGA outputs

  • Supports DVI video formats
    Supporting graphics resolutions up to 1600x1200 pixels and 1920x1200 (reduced blanking), refer to Table 4 for more information

  • Supports VESA video formats for both the CVT standard and the CEA-861-C standard

  • Support video pixel rate range from 25M to165M pixels per second

  • Support fixed 24MHz clock input for audio data synchronization

  • HDMI video low jitter PLL

  • HDMI hot plug detection

  • Automatically enters power saving mode if TV monitor is turned off or is disconnected from the input video source

  • Chrontel’s advanced “Audio Listening Mode” can automatically intercept digital audio stream from a HD controller to a third party HD audio device

  • Configuration through Intel® OpCodes*

  • Windows XP and Vista support (including MCE and 64-bit variations)

  • Offered in a 64-pin LQFP package



* Intel ® Proprietary


The CH7315B HDMI transmitter is mixed-signal video interface chip that transmits uncompressed, copy-protected video and audio data over a secure link from PCs to external television, HDTVs, DVD recorders and A/V receivers using HDMI standard.

The CH7315B also complies with Intel SDVO (Serial Digital Video Output) PC interface specification. The CH7315B HDMI transmitter receives video data through the SDVO bus, and it receives audio data from via an Intel HD (High Definition) Audio bus. CH7315B combines video and audio data, converting it into a single HDMI compliant bit stream for transmission to external CE (consumer electronics) devices. The CH7315B device contains HDCP cryptographic functions and HDCP keys.

The CH7315B accepts SDVO serial input speeds of 1Gbps to 2Gbps and transmits video output at 25Mpps (pixels per second) to 165Mpps – pixel rates that support all HDTV display modes from 480I to 1080i/1080p.

The CH7315B device accepts RGB signals of 256-level (0-255) or 220-level (16-235) over three pairs of serial differential data ports, then performs the color space conversion and outputs 256-level (0-255) or 220-level (16-235) RGB, 4:2:2 YCbCr or 4:4:4 YcbCr data.

The CH7315B device also supports up to 8-channel audio output at 192 KHz. audio data. Available audio bandwidth depends on the pixel clock frequency, the video format timing, and whether or not content protection re-synchronization is needed.

Auto Power Saving mode is a new feature in the CH7315B that saves PC laptops power by automatically putting the chip into a low power consumption state if a no-need-for-transmission situation is detected.

Audio, video and auxiliary data are transmitted across the three HDMI data channels. The video pixel clock is transmitted on the HDMI clock channel. In order to transmit audio and auxiliary data across the HDMI channels, HDMI uses a packet structure and a special error reduction coding.

The CH7315B features dual output ports with dedicated DDC pins so that two external CE devices can be connected simultaneously and can be selected one at a time via software control. This eliminates the need to manually switch connectors as consumers swap the active receiving device from one connector to another. This feature allows easy implementation of a second HDMI output via the docking station of a notebook PC.

**CH7315B has been tested with the HDCP Compliance Test Specification version 1.1.
For more information: Digital Content Protection, LLC (HDCP).

Structure diagram

Data sheet

Application Desc


Technical Report



Input Interface  SDVO

Output Interface  HDMI, DVI

Audio Interface  SPDIF Input

Other features  No

Package Type  LQFP64


Part Number Package Type Number of Pins Voltage Supply Temperature Grade

CH7315B-TEF  Lead Free - LQFP with exposed pad642.5V & 3.3VCommercial / Automotive Grade 4CH7315B-TEF-I  Lead Free - LQFP with exposed pad642.5V & 3.3VIndustrial / Automotive Grade 3CH7315B-TEF-TR  Lead Free - LQFP with exposed pad in Tape & Reel642.5V & 3.3VCommercial / Automotive Grade 4

CH7315B-TEF-I-TR  Lead Free - LQFP with exposed pad in Tape & Reel642.5V & 3.3VIndustrial / Automotive Grade 3




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