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  • Complies with Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) version 1.3a

  • Less than 10mA in full operation conditions

  • Fully programmable through a two-wire serial port

  • Programmable power management

  • Auto Mode Technology Supports mandatory CEC functions such as One Touch Play, Power Status etc. without software programming

  • Capable of supporting full CEC features by accessing internal registers.

  • Report CEC events through an interrupt and registers

  • Flexible crystal frequency input between 4 and 50 MHz or external CMOS clock ranging from 1 to 100Mhz

  • DDC master to obtain Physical Address

  • Serial Port voltage supported from 1.8V to 5V

  • Single 3.3V voltage supply

  • Adjustable interrupt voltage level from 1.8V to 3.3V

  • HBM up to 8KV ESD protection

  • Offered in a 16-pin, lead-free SSOP package.


Chrontel’s CH7322B is a low cost, low-power semiconductor device designed for HDMI systems to easily enable Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) features, which allow consumers to manage all of their HDMI CEC peripherals with just one remote control. The device's innovative approach for handling CEC message frame can help our customers to achieve their required HDMI-CEC features without programming complicated and time-consuming CEC functions using microcontroller.

To reduce CEC development complexity, the CH7322B incorporates a robust and powerful mechanism to process CEC Message frames and execute some of the opcode commands. The device’s advanced Auto Mode Technology simply provides HDMI-CEC playback systems with the ability to accomplish three mandatory CEC functions – One Touch Play, Suspend and Resume without programming any of CH7322B registers. For example, when a HDMI-CEC DVD player is in standby mode and if the CEC “Set Stream Path” Opcode is received, the CH7322B will generate an interrupt signal to trigger the host controller to resume system normal operation.

More sophisticated CEC features like Deck Control, Tuner control, Volume Adjustment and Recording Functions for AV devices can also be accomplished through programming CH7322B internal registers. Once the received CEC message frame is verified, the CH7322B will store the embedded CEC function opcode into register buffers and send an interrupt signal to notify the host controller. The system can then take an action according to the opcode command stored in the CH7322B register buffers.

The CH7322B has a master DDC interface and when the Hot Plug Signal is high, the CH7322B will automatically obtain its Physical Address in the EDID block of the HDMI Sink and keep it in the designated register for future usage.

The CH7322B accepts a wide range of input clock frequencies that are generated from either a crystal or an external clock source for CEC command timing. This low-cost, power-saving and space-saving device is available in a 16 pin lead-free SSOP package.







Input Interface  CEC

Output Interface  CEC

Audio Interface  No

Other features  CEC

Package Type  SSOP16


Part Number Package Type Number of Pins Voltage Supply

7322BMF  Lead Free - SSOP163.3V

7322BMF-TR  Lead Free - SSOP in Tape & Reel163.3V




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