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Support multiple output formats. Such as SDTV format (NTSC and PAL), HDTV format for 480p,576p,720p and 1080i, analog RGB output for VGA. Sync signals can be provided in separated or composite manner (Programmable composite sync generation).
 Three on-chip 10-bit high speed DACs providing flexible output capabilities. Such as single, double or triple CVBS outputs, YPbPr output, RGB output and simultaneous CVBS and S-video outputs.
 Internal embedded 16Mbits SDRAM is used as frame buffer. Supporting for frame rate conversion. 90/180/270 degree image rotation and vertical or horizontal flip functions are supported.
 Programmable 24-bit/18-bit/16-bit/15-bit/12-bit/8-bit digital input interface supports various RGB (RGB888,RGB666, RGB565 and etc), YCbCr (4:4:4 YCbCr,ITU656) and 2x or 3x multiplexed input. CPU/Memory interface are supported.

 Support for flexible input resolution is up to 800x800 and 1024x680. 320x240, 640x480, 960x720 are support.

 Bypass mode is supported.

 Flexible up and down scaling engine is embedded including de-flickering capability. Text enhancement is supported.
 Pixel by pixel brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustment for each kind of output are supported. For RGB output, only brightness and contrast adjustment are supported.
 Pixel by pixel horizontal position adjustment and line by line vertical position adjustment are supported.
 Fully programmable through serial port. IO and SPC/SPD voltage supported is from 1.2V to 3.3V.
 TV/Monitor connection detect capability.
 Programmable power management. DAC can be switched off based on detection result (Driver support is required).
 Flexible pixel clock frequency from graphics controller is supported (2.3MHz –120MHz). Flexible input clock from crystal or oscillator is supported (2.3MHz – 64MHz).
 Offered in QFP package.


The CH7026 is a semiconductor device targeting for handheld market, surveillance camera and automobile multimedia system. This device accepts digital video signals through its 24-bit input bus and generates NTSC, PAL, VGA or HDTV (480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i) video signal by its 10-bit DACs. In addition, CH7026 has an embedded 16-Mbit SDRAM to support the CPU interface.

CH7026 has incorporated an advanced technology that can perform real-time video rotations and frame rate conversions for incoming video stream. These complicated tasks are achieved by storing video data to the internal SDRAM and applying scaling process if required. CH7026 provides great flexibility for accepting different video data formats including RGB and YcbCr (e.g. RGB565, RGB 666, RGB 888, ITU 656).

The CH7026 is available in BGA or QFP package.




  •   PCB Layout and Design Considerations for CH7025/CH7026, AN-109.




Input Interface  DVO , TTL/Digital RGB, TTL/YCbCr

Output Interface  VGA, CVBS , S-Video, YPbPr

Audio Interface   No

Other features   Scaler, Frame Buffer

Package Type  LQFP64,


Part Number Package Type Number of Pins Operating Temperature Range

CH7026B-TF Lead Free - LQFP 80 commercial : -20 to 70°C

CH7026B-TFI Lead Free - LQFP 80 Industrial : -40 to 85°C




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