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  • Single / Dual LVDS transmitter

  • Supports pixel rate up to 165M pixels/sec

  • Supports up to UXGA resolution (1600 x 1200)

  • LVDS low jitter PLL

  • LVDS 24-bit or 18-bit output

  • 2D dither engine for 18-bit output

  • Panel protection and power down sequencing

  • Programmable power management

  • Fully programmable through serial port

  • Complete Windows and DOS driver support

  • Variable voltage interface to graphics device

  • Offered in a 64-pin LQFP package


The CH7305A is a Display Controller device, which accepts a graphics data stream over one 12-bit wide variable voltage (1.1V to 3.3V) port. The data stream outputs through an LVDS transmitter to an LCD panel. A maximum of 165M pixels per second can be output through a single or dual LVDS link.

The LVDS transmitter supports 24-bit panels; it also includes a programmable dither function for support of 18-bit panels. Data is encoded into commonly used formats, including those detailed in the OpenLDI and the SPWG specification. Serialized data output on four or eight differential channels.

Structure diagram

Data sheet

Application Desc

  •   Crystal Oscillator, AN-06.pdf (50 KB, 7/26/01)

  •   Guideline to the Operation of EMI Emission Reduction of CH7035, AN-59.pdf (7/15/02)

  •   PCB Layout and Design Considerations for CH7035 Single LVDS Transmitter, AN-B008.pdf (2/12/03)

Technical Report

LVDS Dithering, TB-44.pdf (8/13/03)


Input Interface DVO , TTL/Digital RGB, TTL/YCbCr

Output Interface LVDS

Audio Interface  No

Other features   No

Package Type  LQFP64






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